About Us

huiironqi.com provides customers with a wide and better selection of products, competitive prices, quality pre-sale and after-sale services and an efficient e-procurement platform.We mainly sell Photo Frames & Albums,Bathroom Accessories,Bath Towels,Coaster,Baking tools,Doorstop and Wine Glasses based daily supplies.


huiironqi.com always pursues its on-going commitment "In an effort to provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient way to search and purchase the highest quality products in the most cost effective way."


huiironqi.com provides a majority of well-known products for individuals and businesses of all size. With a wide selection of products at a low price, we have been universally recognized for our honesty, high efficiency and comprehensive service and built long-termed relationship with many companies. Meanwhile, huiironqi.com is the best source for everything you want.


With low price and superior customer service, huiironqi.com is determined to exceed the expectations of every customer that visits its website.

Visions and Values
We understand our customers' business needs and strive to meet and exceed the expectations of every one of our clients.We are to be the global top 10 in international E-commerce trade.

Mission Statement
To provide high quality products at low price
To provide fast, efficient order turnaround
To provide the highest level of customer service, integrity and product value to satisfy every transaction